Two light wind races on the first day

Cloudy sky, light, shifty easterly wind of max. 8 knots was testing the nerves of the race committee and the competitors on the 1st day of the EUROSAF L30 Class European Championship.

The course had to be modified multiple times before the 1st start due to the shifty conditions, but finally the wind stabilized and the race was on after the 2nd attempt of starting procedure under U flag. The easterly wind – light though – kept its stamina and the fleet has completed its first successful race with the local favourites in front. Present Perfect helmed by Péter Tenke benefited on the local know how by choosing the right side of the course in both upwind which has brought them victory. The peculiarity of this race was that the battle for 6th place was so tense between German L31 and the Swiss SUI18 team that even the finish line video was not able to reveal who crossed the line first so the Race Committee officially called a tie settling both team with 6,5 points respectively.

Race Committee let the 2nd race underway as conditions seemed stable but after the first 4 boats crossed the finish line the wind completely died which left the remaining 9 boats with a DNF next to their names. The winner of this race was L31 from Germany helmed by Klaus Wagner.

Chief Race Officer Béla Erdélyi had to postpone the 3rd race to the next calendar day as conditions did not improved until the end of the day.

Forecast for tomorrow: a low pressure system will cross the lake during the early hours bringing northerly wind of 10-15 knots.

Results after 2 races:

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Day 1 video